Behind the scenes 

Find out who supports the #WhatsInMyWash campaign and take a look at some of the research out there.

Microfibres in the stomachs of plankton ,  Dr Richard Kirby

Microfibres in the stomachs of plankton, Dr Richard Kirby



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#WhatsInMyWash is supported by:

If you would like to support the campaign, please get in touch and let's join forces!


The WI’s End Plastic Soup campaign calls for research and innovative solutions to be developed from the Government and industry to prevent microplastic fibres contaminating our oceans. The campaign passed with a 98.9% majority at the WI’s 2017 Annual Meeting and it follows a history of action to protect our oceans.

Members have been holding awareness days in their community, taking part in research and sending letters to their local MPs calling for in-depth research. For more information visit: thewi.org.uk/endplasticsoup

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