The campaign so far


Hubbub launched #WhatsInMyWash to raise awareness around the issue of microfibres.

We found that there was a lot of confusing information out there about microfibres. Conflicting data made it hard know the scale of the issue and what consumers can do to tackle it. #WhatsInMyWash aims to break down the scientific information out there (making it easier to understand), provide practical tips to consumers and to encourage industry to take action on this hidden issue. The campaign was first launched with Campaign for Wool and later with House of Fraser. If you’re interested in supporting a new phase of the campaign, get in touch!

An overview



The campaign has had over 200 pieces of coverage in the news… including a feature in The Sun Fabulous article alongside Love Island fashion (which we loved!)


Social Media

The campaign reached 3.4m people and gained 8.4m impressions on social media. 


Campaign Video

The campaign video has been viewed over 76,700 times while the vlogs have collectively achieved over 53,600 views.


Wider Impact

Sean Kinsey from the House of Commons requested a quote from Hubbub in response to Environmental Audit Committee enquiry into fast fashion.


Starting a conversation

The campaign was presented at the British Retail Consortium event which invited major retailers to discuss the issue of microfibres. 


#WhatsInMyWash Installation

 Whats in my wash plastic microfibre pollution campaign
 Whats In My Wash? is a campaign which raises awareness of plastic microfibres which are released form our clothing when we wash them. This microfibres are polluting ur oceans and currently contribute to over 1/3 of all microplastics in our oceans.

Old Street Station

Hubbub installed a washing machine aquarium in Old Street Station. The installation was in place from Tuesday 5th June - Saturday 9th June 2018.  

  • 210,000 people saw the installation

  •  763 people engaged with the installation and stopped to talk to Hubbub

  • 70,000 people pass through Old Street Station every day

WashingMachine Stickers33.png

Bond Street Station

Supported by House of Fraser, Hubbub installed the #WhatsInMyWash installation in Bond Street Station. The installation was in place from Monday 5th November - Sunday 10th November 2018.

  • an estimated 675,000 people saw the installation

  • 1,048 people engaged with the installation and stopped to talk to Hubbub

What’s next?

#WhatsInMyWash will continue to update the public on the growing and developing research around microfibres. We’re keen to collaborate further with other brands and organisations to deliver another stage of the campaign. If you’re interested, please contact us at